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I feel one of my turns coming on…

[It’s a bit of hyperbole, perhaps, but I do love that line from Pink Floyd’s ‘The Wall’.]

But y’all know how I put that plot turn at the end of Chapter 4 where Eva makes a shocking choice? (I’m trying not to turn this into a spoiler.) Well, after a great deal of agonizing (and some excellent advice from one of the first ‘Alpheans’) I’ve decided to backtrack. It was a great plot turn (and it felt so gratifying to write that into the story), but it just takes the story into a direction it shouldn’t go. I would end up having to treat a minor character as a major character and in the original outline she isn’t accounted for at all. There’s no good reason plot-wise to have her end up in the story at that point, so I’m going to have to bite the bullet and re-write that scene. I’m not sure whether I should do it now or whether I should start writing new material. Any advice from the Alpheans out there?


Character name change – with apologies

Hey everyone,

I made a name change to one of the characters: Charles Goodman’s wife. Her name was Belinda, but I changed it to Eva.

Some of you have noticed that I have gone to great lengths to make the setting as accurate as possible. One of the ways I’ve done that is by not only using the names of actual villages and towns in Hungary, but researching those towns and villages to find out what they were like in the 1500s. Some of them didn’t even go by the same name back then and to make sure that my descriptions are accurate I have used as much information as I could find about the towns and villages as they were back then. This research is necessary to make sure that the story works. Incorrect information here can potentially create a glaring error in the story or even wreck a plot entirely.

But, to avoid getting bogged down in too much research during the draft, one area where I have decided (in general) not to do this is with peoples’ names. Some of you have probably noticed that the names I’m using are familiar: Charles Goodman, Matthew Miller, Daniel Paris, et cetera. These names are not at all Hungarian names, but very Anglo-American. At some point these names will have to be swapped for Hungarian names to make the setting feel more authentic. It’s not necessary that I do this during the draft because these characters’ names don’t really affect the plot or the story in any way. Right now they are simply convenient “handles” to help me keep the various characters straight in my mind as I compose the draft.

What happened with the Belinda Goodman character was that a Hungarian name simply came to me, so I went ahead and stuck it in, replacing Belinda with Eva. But being very late when I posted the story I forgot to go back and make the changes or make note of them here in the blog. Sorry for the oversight and I apologize for any confusion. Also, my thanks to Nonie who pointed it out to me.

Thanks, Nonie!

Sorry everybody!

See you all soon!