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Rebranding: “Alpheus” is out – “TristanBerry.com” is in!

Here’s why…

As much as I like the “Alpheus” theme (and I sincerely do), as an aspiring novelist seeking publication (once I have my first completed manuscript), it just doesn’t make any sense from a marketing standpoint to “brand” my work under anything other than my name.  So, I’ve removed the old header art that I associated with Alpheus (the underwater cavern) and replaced it with a bit of art that I hope will more accurately reflect my work and be more evocative to readers of the sort of mood and feel I want my novels to have. I then changed the text color to match the new artwork, giving the whole site an updated look complete with a new color scheme. Black will still be the background color, but the orange is out, and blue is in.

To complete the transition, I removed all references to “Alpheus” and replaced them with “TristanBerry.com”. I also changed the artwork that framed every web page to make it more relevant. It may seem as if this was a lot of work, but it really didn’t take me much longer than a half hour to do (thank you, WordPress) and now it’s off my mind and I can go back to focusing on the writing. I’ll soon be scheduling a sit-down with BonSue (from the Clearwater Writers Meetup) for help finalizing a path forward. Whatever I decide following that meeting, I’m going to commit to following that path to fruition. More than anything else right now, I need a complete manuscript to flog if I’m going to make this a career instead of a pipe dream.

Thanks everyone. I’ve had the best support anyone could ever ask for and I am determined to make the most of it and make you all proud.  …and I hope you like the website changes.


I’m a DOT COM!!!

Shit just got REAL, folks!

If you look up at the address bar of your browser, you should see my domain that I just bought: tristanberry.com!

I know it may seem like a small thing to those of you who’ve had your own domains for a while, but it’s a first for me and as a technophile, I’m pretty geeked-up about it. Now, if you’re not up on all the nuts and bolts of web servers, domain names, URL this and DNS that, don’t worry. The old web address is still valid and is permanent. You will ALWAYS be able to reach my blog with the old address for as long as I host it on WordPress, and due to super-geeky webby wizarding miracleness, my site is still being hosted by WordPress. Nothing about the site has changed, and the old web address still works just as it always has.

What’s new is that I bought an internet domain “tristanberry.com”, and because I managed to get it set up correctly, you can now get to this site with either one of two web addresses: “sanguinestream.wordpress.com” OR “tristanberry.com”. They both go to the exact same place on the web. (And guess which one is going to go on my business cards… You can bet it won’t be the long one.)

This is an important step in being taken seriously as a writer. Another one is finishing a damned manuscript, so that is my next priority. I’m sticking to the world-building I’ve been doing for the fantasy novel because it needs to be done regardless, but as I do that I’m going to really consider some advice I received at the Clearwater Writers Meet-Up group last night. At this point, I need to balance my OCD/perfectonist compulsion to write the perfect novel with my actual need to just write a novel. But is the proper balance moving forward in my new direction, or is it backing up and returning to the manuscript I made progress on, but eventually rejected? That’s what I really have to think about.

In my heart, I’m so committed to getting the story right and I’m loathe to let that go. But at the same time, I also need to stop hitting the reset button and just get something finished. I know that those of you who have stuck with me (and at this point, I think that’s about three of you) must be frustrated with my resets (and believe me – I am, too). I’ve never done it lightly, always with the conviction that I was making the story better, but I have to consider the cost.

But, as I ponder this weighty issue (and feel free to chime in, please) I also need to think about another thing: I own tristanberry.com!!!!