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New page added! ‘What exactly is this “Underground Stream” thing?’

Greetings, Alpheans!

I’ve decided to add a new page to the site. It probably is going to be considered boring by many of you, but for me it is something of a blueprint in the sense that this article describing a concept called the “Ring Lord” culture (published on the web by author Laurence Gardner) touches on much of what I have been researching for many years and have been wanting to use for background material. The advantage of this article is that the material is very diverse, but Mr. Gardner manages to sum things up very succinctly. In fact, this article says so much in such a short space that it’s quite amazing. Now, it’s not exactly light reading and I admit it, but if you want some insight into ‘what’s really going on’ in “Mortality, Interrupted” then read the article here.