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It’s daring! It’s exciting!! It’s… a MAKEOVER!!!

LOOK!!! Isn’t it something?

You know, I’ve had people ask me for a while now to switch to dark type on a light background citing the scheme as easier to read than light type on a dark background. While I never disputed the assertion that my chosen color scheme was more difficult to read, I did stubbornly persist in using it simply because I liked it better. I still do.

What prompted the change was a dear friend from high school made a comment on my Facebook page making the suggestion once more.

I suddenly realized that, while yes, this is in fact MY website – and yes, I certainly can make my website however I jolly-well please – if a significant number of people are making the same suggestion, it’s probably either stupid, arrogant, or both, to simply ignore that. At the end of the day, I want you all to want to come to my website and I want you to read what I post here. If a simple change like color scheme will make visiting my site more pleasant, then I’m being an utter fool to hang onto a contrary convention simply because I like it.

So, that’s what led to the change and I do hope that you all see it as an improvement. I have the most loyal supporters a writer could ask for and I can’t thank you enough for your limitless patience.